On a Sunday afternoon stroll, I came upon what Amazon called “Interactive book object” in a Japanese bookstore. It is a mesmerizing graphics book. The static graphics itself is enticing enough but once you overlay the special film on top, the graphics just come to life with dynamic movement, squares are waving and circles are jumping. You can really see the effects in the Vimeo video below.

After a little research, the artist Takairo Kurashima is a art director in an ad agency in Japan and has published two of these moire pattern books so far, one in black and white and one in color. His website also has a lot more interesting graphic patterns. Go check it out.

At work, we came upon the moire affect a lot when we try to layer frit patterns on a facade. The prime example that came to mind is the Jun Aoki facade for Louis Vuitton. He layered two layers of Louis Vuitton checkered frit pattern to create an moire effect. I wonder in what other ways you can exploit this optical phenomenon in architecture.

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