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Nestled in a bohemian valley of Mount Washington in Los Angeles, sits a tiny 600 sq ft house. Built in 1922, the house hangs between a steep slope and a giant pine tree. When the project started as a  foreclosure in 2010, the property was dilapidated with an illogical layout and disproportionate rooms. For the renovation, I was inspired by a childhood fantasy of living in a treehouse. I wanted to invigorate the property with some of that youthful magic. Multiple openings now serve as portals into new spaces. The floors feature multiple levels, and sitting on them is encouraged. The hidden basement can be accessed through a floor hatch, and an attic nook is illuminated with a skylight for stargazing at night. The patio door is glazed with corrugated polycarbonate which provides privacy while allowing some light in. The door is supported with hydraulics. It opens to become an awning for the patio.
presentation plan-01
Main Floor Plan
New Construction drawing plan 404Museum 9465
404Museum 14665_1
404Museum 8065  404Museum 11165
404Museum 15865








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