A few years ago I was living in a 400 sq ft Los Angeles studio. It is a small all-in-one space. Being fresh out of school and not having a lot of money, I spent 2 weekends making sheer curtains to provide a sense of privacy to the bed and a sense of separation between living and office spaces. Coincidentally, the blog apartment therapy was interested in featuring the space, they came in, equipped with an interior stylist, to take some professional photographs. It is interesting though that the end results shows more of the curated details of the interior stylist than the main point of the space itself. I was surprised that even a blog post would entail a professional stylist in setting up books, positioning of cups and such. No wonder there are blogs to make fun of dwell magazine photographs. Nobody actually lives in this domestic fantasy as portrayed by the media. I thought I share some of  my not so professional photos to show that not all architectural intervention needs to be expensive or an arduous undertaking.





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